August 4, 2011

taking on the world - and it's ok

More hat love. :)

I have recently been accused (by several individuals) of trying to do to much. Ok, I'll be honest - I've been accused of trying to do to much for about as long as I can remember. I think it's a habit. 

But I like my habit.


Here's my theory: I like to set goals. I have tons of ideas. I want to do everything, even if I can't really do everything. So, I figure if I just keep adding things into the mix, the most important ones will surface and stick around. What's important one month - or even one week - might not be important (or practical) the next. As my children age the season of life I'm in changes also. So the things I have time for and the things that I want to spend my time doing change. Such is life.

Last year I embarked on a 365 photo challenge - a photo a day for a year. I made it to August and then dropped the ball. Better the ball than the camera. It happens. I got busy, priorities changed, whatever. That's the thing about me and all my goals and aspirations and hobbies - I'm pretty good at letting things go when need be. I'm not married to a schedule.

I will say this - I'm obsessed with my kids. Unashamedly. I am completely taken with these little angles and I take every opportunity I can get (or make) to photograph them, teach them, and enjoy them. THAT is what my true priority is - to enjoy them.

Pair that with someone who enjoys keeping busy and you get, well, me.

I'm in the season of life where I am a new mom. With babies. I'm going to talk about them, think about them, plan things for them... and yes, the world is still going on around me, and yes, there is a big world out there with problems and needs and people and such - but for now - I'm choosing to focus on my kids. And that's ok. Because soon they're going to want to go play. Without me. And soon they're going to go to school. Without me. Before I know it they'll be graduating and marrying and birthing. And that's ok too. But the time to hold them in my arms is short, and yeah, I'm trying to cram a lot of lovin' and learnin' and stuff in there, but that's ok. Because I'm a mama. And I'm happy. And totally and utterly in love with these little people. And that's more than ok.


Hobbies I enjoy:
Sewing, scrapbooking, card making, photography, swimming, biking, reading, script-writing, painting, drawing, playing/learning the guitar and piano, reading about current events, blogging, traveling, learning, browsing craft stores, making lists, designing clothes, home decor, going to school, visiting zoos, super mario brothers, browsing the internet for creative ideas, going to church, making friends, editing video, and folding laundry. Ok, the last one is a chore. But I enjoy it.

Here are a few hobbies incorporated into my season of life:
photography (that blur is my toddler)
painting (often with fingers)
drawing (pass the purple crayon please)
swimming (thursday-night baby/toddler swim)
blogging (guess what my baby just did!)
sewing (yes, I made her dress)
home decor (uh, I'll get to that when we get past the peanut-butter-and-jelly-all-over-the-hands stage)


And for a little therapy this Thursday evening, I suggest turning on Project Runway. :D


Avery said...

I admire your unashamed obsession. And I too, am completely head over in heels in love with my four. I think there is a danger for people like us, to think that other people must not love their kids as much as we do, if they aren't as open in their declarations of love as us. Which is not the case. And another danger I have to be aware of - is to love other people and their kids as well - to include them in my life. I have found in the past if I focus too much on me, I forget about the others around me. So I'm all for me and mine, but aware that I need to love on others too. To let them into my world.

Cas said...

I learned a long time ago what what I do - and how I am - is what's right for me, and not a standard to measure others by.

I moved a state away from all my friends and family a year and a half ago... Sadly there aren't many here that want to be let into my life. Making friends was always so easy for me - until I found myself in a new town, with a new baby, and a new job (motherhood). I crave friendship but have struggled with finding it. Maybe that's why I throw myself into my relationship with my children.

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