August 12, 2011

field trip friday: sale and mom's group

I took my camera with me on purpose this morning so I could take photos for field-trip friday. I swear I did. I just didn't get it out. Some friends are having a yard sale and we took a few things by and hung out a while. I could have taken some darling photos. I'll admit it - she was playing so nicely with the other kids I had me a little chat with my girlfriends. It was nice. 

Then we went over to the nursing mom's group. Sam weighs a whopping 10 lbs, 12 oz! He's getting so BIG! And he ate 4 oz! Wow!

I'm doing a weekly photo challenge with some of my mama friends. This week the theme was, "what a mess!" Well, in our home you don't have to go far to find a mess. I thought it would be funny to take a photo of a whole bunch of messes and put them together, but... I had better things to do than take photos of my messes. Like clean them. But I did get a few on camera!

A toddler and a bowl of spaghetti. Need I say more?

Millie "helped" fold at our laundry-folding party. 

You may have noticed ^^^ that she's wearing big-girl panties! In honor of rainbow week her stickers were rainbow colors this week.

And here's a sneak-peak for Monday's post:


Dalia said...

You're so creative, I love your blog. how old is Millie?

Cas said...

Aw thanks! Millie's going to be 2 next month... I can't believe I'm saying that! So big. :)

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