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April 6, 2013

life in the jungle - march 2013

I know, I know. If I get any more grief about not posting on my blog I'm gonna get a black eye. Here, at long last, is my mission journal for the past month:

Days 27-33 were spent in GT

Day 34 - Tuesday 
I didn't end up coming home until yesterday. We were a full week in town. I didn't write about it, because it's Georgetown, and there is nothing good to write about GT. It's pretty much a scaled down version of Manila without the upscale/posh shopping districts and neighborhoods. Nope. GT is a loud, smelly, trashy, rubbish bin for for most part. Very different from the peaceful home I'm now sitting in.  

Today I woke up after a rough night. Samuel woke up sometime around 3 am and declared it party time. Today both children have been grumpy and didn't nap. It will take a few days to adjust to having the family all under one roof again. 
Waiting for the plane

The flight yesterday was bumpy. Very bumpy. I've been very blessed with smooth flights most of our mission career. I can think of only 2 or 3 flights out of the dozens I've been on that were rough. One of those were so bad we were forced to turn around and land on southern Mindoro. But, we are home again and bumpy as it might have been, it was a safe and otherwise uneventful flight. 

Day 35 - Wednesday
I watch Christine's little boy, who is about 6 months younger than Sam, everyday now while she teaches. It's fun to have 2 little guys nearly the same age together. 
New friends

Day 36 - Thursday
[Insert blank look here]

Day 37 - Friday
Christine came over for lunch and stayed the afternoon. We baked together for Sabbath potluck. We both made bread, I made rolls and cookies also, and she made cinnamon rolls. It's going to be a great potluck. Hehehe.
Samuel discovered the cookies

Day 38 - Sabbath
The sermon today was very good. At least I'm presuming so because of all the "amen"s. We understood little of what was said, but were still blessed by all the smiling welcomes we received. The mile-long walk home was hard in the hot sun, but we made it and potluck was as enjoyable as we had anticipated.

Day 39 - Sunday
We visited a local farm this morning. It was about a mile and the sun was hot. I have a deep respect for the people who make their lives here in this harsh climate. Todd helped to weed a field of beans for a while before it was nap time (for Samuel at least). After lunch Millie and Papa went to meet the plane and I made brownies.
She's got it so rough here - nap time.

Day 40 - Monday
Haystack supper with friends and chocolate no-bake cookies for supper.

Day 41 - Tuesday
I finally am getting to work on pumping out video. Well, kind of. I'm importing video, but my computer is already under 50% so I'm not sure how far I'll actually get. I've taken a fair amount of video, but this is the problem I'm having - not enough power to do anything with it.
Little ham

Big ham

Todd and Brother Shadrack are crossing the river to look for tall enough bamboo to make a latter so Todd and attach some more solar panels to the roof. You know, so I can get some work done. On a side note, I'm sitting in my hammock with my laptop in my computer working on video. Sure beats sitting in an office any day!

Day 42 - Wednesday Woes
I have managed to catch my first jungle illness. Sore throat, headache, aching back, joints, and body, and fever. Boo.
Samuel keeping Mama company in bed

Day 43 - Thursday 
Fever down to 100 and headache is gone. Still sore and weak. But I manage to get bread made, forgetting it twice when I left it to rise. We have large bread.

Day 44 - Friday
I didn't believe Laura when she told me today was Friday. Where did the week go? I am better today but still weak and a little sore. I managed to make the trip to the plane with Christine and James to see Christine and baby Kadin off to town. I also managed to make potato soup and apple crisp.
Resting in the shade of the wing

Day 45 - Sabbath
We found out last night that there is to be no church today. Strange. They're doing this thing where everyone goes out and visits backslidden members and shut-ins. Good idea. I'm not sure I was up for the hike to church today anyhow.
Instead of church, Papa made Millie a boat

It floated for about 5 minutes before sinking

Day 46 - Monday Miss
Today I taught my first DIIC class. I was a little shaky and rusty at teaching, yet I still enjoyed it.
Samuel likes Mama's bread

I tried making edos for the first time. Edos are a local potato-like root that has a pleasing taste. The thing about edos that no one tells you, is that you should wear gloves when preparing it. There is this very slimy substance that oozes forth from the edos that upon contact with the skin, makes ones hands itch horribly. The itching didn't last very long, but no amount of hand-washing helps. It was not the most pleasing task I've ever done, preparing the edos, but the result was nice. I was making cutlets, which call for potatoes. Having no potatoes, I tried them with edos and when we were sitting down to eat them with some barbecue sauce, I must say they tasted remarkably similar to Mc D's chicken nuggets! There were no chickens in my cutlets to be sure - just in case you were wondering. We are still
If you look closely you'll see a 6ft+ wingspan on this vulture

Day 48 - Tuesday
It felt so natural to be in front of a class today. I guess teaching is like riding a bike… with a bunch of people watching you. I am in love with our little class of 5 DIIC students. I love teaching them. I fear I'm going to have a hard time giving them back to their teacher, Christine, when she is back from town. I think they like me too.
Our little "koipetuck"

They asked me several questions about myself today and asked if I can still teach them when Christine gets back. They spent a few minutes of our class today trying to think of what class I can teach them, just so I'm still their teacher. It's a thought that warms my heart and I will confess that I am praying for just that.
Some of my poser students helping with the rebar

Day 49 - Wowser Wednesday
The sun is going down and I am out on the deck watching. There is something magical about sunsets here. I used to think Walla Walla had the best sunsets on Earth, but Guyana sure is coming close. Here it's like being in the sunset. The color is all around and even the air seems rose colored. It's one of my favorite times of day. My other favorite is when the sun is rising. Magical, I tell you.

I taught the students today. I mean, I actually taught them something new and I watched their faces experience Jesus in a new way. It was even more beautiful than the sunset before me. I have been teaching the story of the good Samaritan this week, telling them there are 2 reasons Jesus told this story. We've spent 2 1/2 days going over the more traditional, "go and do likewise" meaning. We've looked at who our neighbor is and what it means to love them. But I kept telling them that is only one of the 2 meanings of the story. And when it was finally time to learn the second meaning, I saw it on their faces. And when I drove my point home that this story isn't just what Jesus wants us to do - but it's also the story of what He has already done - they were silent. And the looks on their faces is something I'll never forget. Rarely do I get to share Jesus like this. I like it.

Day 50 - Thursday 
My kids had a quiz today. My DIIC kids that is. 

Day 51 - Friday
I made tortillas for potluck tomorrow. For the love of Pete someone send me a tortilla press. Hehehe. Making tortillas for potluck is a lot of work. Making tortillas for anything is a lot of work. Truly a labor of love.  I spend the better part of all day making them when I make them. But it's oh-so worth it. They are so yummy. I used my last precious bit of flour to make them.
Consider yourself warned - a little mosquito is no reason to throw out a tortilla

Day 52 - Sabbath
This is one of those days I wonder why we bother going to church with 2 small children. Sigh. But potluck was good, and we did game night, which was good. Popcorn also was good. So overall, a good Sabbath.
A "kangaza"

Day 53 - Sunday 
I spent most of the day working on video production. I filmed just about everything there was to film. I have much more to do, but I feel good about what I got done today. Standby for DIIC video on youtube. :) 

Day 54 - Monday
Most of the photos I take tend to be of fun stuff. When I'm working, I'm all business. I don't always think to take photos when I'm working (not that anyone is anxious to have a photo of me sitting editing video for hours on end). But I want to assure the world we DO work, I just don't take photos of it.
Todd reinstalling the seats in the mission plane

We are still adjusting to life here. Adjusting to the climate, culture, and country was easier than adjusting to the dynamics of working in the mission field - the isolation, the work, the people, etc. We're still finding our way. Some days are harder than others. Today wasn't an easy day.

Day 55 - Tuesday
The plane came today with food supplies for our family. Finally I have flour and sugar again (I've been rationing for the past 2 weeks). We also got treats. I really like treats.
Watching the guys unload the plane

Todd and the kids on the grass airstrip

As I write, Samuel is also having a treat - watching Curious George. Millie got to go work with Papa (they are helping build the cement pad for the internet equipment that we hope to have out here at some point). I wanted to do a little computer work so in went George. :) I'm working on both an email update and a paper letter to mail out.

Day 56 - Wednesday
Cookies! Bread! Chocolate! I'm a little deprived out here. :) Praise the Lord for treats in the jungle. Hehehe. Today I've made no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies and I'm also working on my first attempt of artisan crusty bread. I'm also packing for our flight out tomorrow to town.
Millie can write her name!

We have a to-do-list a mile long, and we're going to try to get back out here as soon as we can. Aside from needing to use internet (Todd needs more material for his class and I need to work on our summer schedule more), and I'm hoping to mail letters. But the most exciting part of this trip will be getting our barrels finally!!! All the wonderful things that people donated to our family, to the project, and to the village are almost here! Not to mention food (which is very, very exciting for us with our very limited menu here). I'm excited to have clothes (I'm really at a loss as to why I thought it was a good idea to only bring half of what I needed to have and ship the rest in the barrels). The arrival of our barrels is going to be a very exciting event!
Millie and Mama checking out our barrels!

Some more photos:
Full moon in the Jungle 

Millie's first tractor ride 

"Tickling" a big ol' grasshopper

Showing me his ouch 

Lovin on Frafa


 Sleeping on the mission plane

DIIC campus from the air

I will try to upload more in the next day or 2. For now, it's nearly midnight (see what I do for you?) and I'm sleepy. :) 
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