March 31, 2012


I keep seeing the "blogger" button and thinking, I should really start blogging again. I should. But I never do.

We have, in our house, wet carpet syndrome, also known as severe reflux. The boy, now 9 months old, throws up every day. Twice a day. Sometimes more. Never less. The carpet... it takes the brunt of the battle. I get the rest - in the form of scrubbing, laundry, and emergency baths. Sometimes I think he does it on purpose just so he can play in the bath.

Not really. I am fully aware how unpleasant chronic throwing up is. Not fun.

So, he's on meds that, in 3 days he has kept a total of 2 doses down. I'm not sure they are going to work at this rate.

The other problem is possible a milk protein allergy. Probably not, but we switched to soy just to see what would happen. He still throws up.

The other problem, which in the long run might be the hardest, is his sensory issues. Anything remotely textured in his mouth makes in gag and throw up. A puff? Watch out. Mum mum? That's an emergency shower waiting to happen.


But, spring is nearing and the children are starting to play together. And watch Sesame Street. Which I am hugely excited about. Most parents ban television. I encourage it. Dishes get much cleaner without small children climbing in the dish washer.

I am in spring-cleaning mode and purging things throughout the house. This is making the hubs very nervous. He is not as excited as I am to get rid of the TV. "What about Sesame Street?" he asks. The man has a point, I really like clean dishes...

So, I'm committing myself to start blogging again. No more surgeries, no more babies, no more trips to the ER. I'm in for a nice, quiet year.

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