April 30, 2012

bag of crazy

I would like to take a moment to share with you something that I have been struggling with lately.
Some people carry around lots of worries, others carry around baggage from past relationships.
Me, I carry around socks, tissues, and diapers.
Probably about 15 pounds worth.

Here, in the order I pull things out, is a list of what I carry around with me every time I pick up my mama bag:
1. Rattle
2. Travel case of wipes
3. 4 iWireless (our prepaid cell plan) minute cards. Unused.
4. PetSmart "PetPerks" card - a new addition since bringing home Curious George Hamster.
5. Bottle of Tylenol
6. Travel pack of Wet Ones Antibacterial wipes
7. Small plush airplane rattle
8. Panty liner
9. Bottle of ibuprofrn (which I don't use...?)
10. Tube of M&Ms minis. AKA, emergency bribing tool.
11. Small pink sock monkey
12. Chapstick
13. Spill proof toddler snack bowl. Empty.
14. Plush blue elephant with crinkle body and teething pads for feet
15. Pack of cinnamon gum
16. Travel pack of tissues - 2 remaining
17. Box of 100% juice, another emergency bribing tool.
18. Small container of Bath and Body works hand sanitizer that I hate the smell of...
19. Little People yellow motorcycle (the 1984 version. Classic.).
20. Multi-tool keychain (not attached to keys).
21. Pen
22. Yellow pacifier
23. Wet Ones single packs (4)
24. Flower barrette
25. 1 Baby sock
26. Yellow post-it note pad
27. Small tube of lotion
28. Travel pack of tissues. 3 Remaining.
29. Mac lipstick
30. Red lolly
31. Travel tube of baby sunscreen
32. Travel pack of tissues (2 remaining)
33. Travel bottle of regular hand sanitizer
34. Wallet (oh that's why I can never find it... it's 34 on the list...)
35. Pin from a retreat I went to 2 months ago
36. Rock
37. Camera pouch (no camera)
38. Sunglasses
39. Yellow lolly
40. Pen
41. Travel pack of tissues (3 remaining)
42. Pen
43. Empty medicine bottle
44. Unopened pack of "2 Metal Rings" 2.5" size.
45. Mail in order form for Highlight magazine for toddlers
46. 3 Pennies and 2 dime
47. 1 Mini hair clip and hair tie
48. An alarming amount of sand from the ocean (oh, that's what was all over everything in there).

That's it. That's my mommy bag. This is what I carry around every time I go out. Sheesh. Rest assured, not everything will be going back in. I mean, really? REALLY? Is this what all moms carry or am I just insane?
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April 24, 2012

Curious George Hamster

Millie got her first pet yesterday.

We went to the pet store, thinking I might get her a goldfish, and came out with cage, food, toys, and a furry little hamster. On our way home, she declared him to be "Curious George Hamster." I guess when your 2 1/2 your database for names is on the short side.

Now, I will be the first to admit I'm not a hamster expert. Or really know anything about hamsters. But I'm fairly certain that this hamster is not normal. He perches on the side of his cage and watches us. All the time. At first it was cute. Then a little weird. Now I'm wondering if it's creepy. I may or may not have told him to stop watching me. Also, we have not held him yet. I put my hand in there to stroke him and he bats at my hand. And not in a playful or friendly way. If I dare to try to pick him up he backs into the corner and threatens me with his teeth. I don't think he likes me...

Photos to come... if I can get him to come out.
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April 17, 2012

interview with a toddler

I have started asking Millie some questions every few weeks. I need to start recording them, because the answers are much more funny in person:
• What is something mommy always says to you? Pictures!
• What makes you happy? Jesus. What makes me sad?
• What makes you sad? You do!
• What makes you laugh? Frafa!
• How old are you? Um, 2 and a half. How old are you?
• How old is Mommy? 2 and a half. Mama how old are you?
• How old is Daddy? 2 and a half
• What is your favorite thing to do? Haggle blocks (legos). Blockies. Mama, I call them blockies now!
• Who is your best friend? Carson. How best is your friend?
• What do you want to be when you grow up? I'm going on a big big boat like Papa!
• What are you really good at? Cleaning up. See, I'm on one foot!
• What is your favorite food? Penguins.
• What is your favorite song? Animals.
• What do you want for your birthday this year? Santa Clause!
• What is your favorite animal? Kitty cats.
• What is love? (hugs herself) Papa!
• What does mommy/daddy do for work? Eats his lunch.
• Where is your favorite place to go? To the play store.
Easter fun. 

Our mall now has a train that runs through it. She is VERY excited about this.
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