April 24, 2012

Curious George Hamster

Millie got her first pet yesterday.

We went to the pet store, thinking I might get her a goldfish, and came out with cage, food, toys, and a furry little hamster. On our way home, she declared him to be "Curious George Hamster." I guess when your 2 1/2 your database for names is on the short side.

Now, I will be the first to admit I'm not a hamster expert. Or really know anything about hamsters. But I'm fairly certain that this hamster is not normal. He perches on the side of his cage and watches us. All the time. At first it was cute. Then a little weird. Now I'm wondering if it's creepy. I may or may not have told him to stop watching me. Also, we have not held him yet. I put my hand in there to stroke him and he bats at my hand. And not in a playful or friendly way. If I dare to try to pick him up he backs into the corner and threatens me with his teeth. I don't think he likes me...

Photos to come... if I can get him to come out.


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