September 25, 2011

new hip - aka Big Bertha

I had in mind to sit down and write a lovely post.
Than the pain meds kicked in.
I'm not supposed to drive, so I probably shouldn't write either. So here are some photos:

My babies came to visit me:

The after my surgery I went for a little stroll from my bed to the door and back. 

And here's Big Bertha, the chunk of titanium that now resides in my side.

Sorry, I'm officially too drugged up to write more. I got out of the hospital on Friday. Woot Woot! hip
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September 21, 2011

Happy, happy hip

I got a brand new titanium hip yesterday. Here's the low down on surgery day:

2:55 Sam wakes up. Of course 30 minutes before my alarm is meant to go off. 
2:59 Feeding Sam. Suddenly a strange sensation hits me - the realization that in 4 hours I will be getting an IV. That in 4.5 hours my life will change.
3:05 All I can think about is planning the breakfast I can't eat. 
3:08 Sam is done. No wait, he wants more.
3:15 Sam is sleeping.
3:16 I'm sitting on the pot and I realize I won't be sitting like this for what seems to me a very long time. Raised toilet seats, here I come.
3:18 Contacts in.
3:20 Let the documentation begin. And the pumping.  
4:04 Pumped, showered, dressed, and packing up the computer. See you on the flip side... Leaving in 25 minutes.
5:30 This is how you get the good parking spots
5:35 Ooops, got lost in the shuffle, They cant find my paper work.
6:00 They found my paper work and want my money.
6:20 Greeted by the entire hospital it seems. They kick Hubs out.
6:30 The curse of tiny veins - they had to use an ultrasound to find my veins and put the IV in.
6:45 Anesthesia team loaded me up on happy juice.
6:50 Rolled me on my side and inserted the nerve block into my back. I was as high as the clouds. I avoided an epidural with both pregnancies and for what? 
7:10 Off we go to the OR.
7:15 Getting the spinal tap.
7:20 Out like a light.
10:00 Seeing fuzzy lights.
10:01 Beyond shivering, shaking cold.
10:05 Gave me meds to stop the shakes.
10:15 Put a heater under my blankets
10;30 Warm enough to feel human.
11:00 Asking to see Hubs - they say I'm not stable enough yet.
11:50 Started preping me to move me to my room/
12:45 Wheeling me out/
12:50 First patient in room # 1 in the new wing.
1:00 Fancy lift, switched beds.
1:06 Texted loved ones
1:35 Ordered food. 
1:40 Facebook, chatting with Hubs, etc.
2:20 Food arrives
2:45 I'm done eating and want to nap. Hubs leaves for the day.
4:45 First time my hip is hurting.

I stopped keeping track after that. Today I slept in until about 8 (thank you sleeping pill). Around 10 PT was in here. I stood up. If you're impressed, don't be. I immediately had to lay back down because I got to nauseated. Boo. I've been fighting nausea on and off ever since I woke up. They are going to come back in the afternoon and work with me again. I'm lonely, so I'm looking forward to their company. LOL. 

I've got a rough couple of weeks ahead of me... But, I'm on the road to recovery, soon I'll be walking down that road (albeit slowly) but I'll be dancing soon enough. 

(photos to come)
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September 14, 2011

wifley wednesday: game night date

Every once in a while, Hubs forgets how ruthless I am at my favorite game and brings out Canasta for a game night. That turns into me asking for a round or 2 (which I usually am able to sneak in in a 3rd) the next few nights until he remembers I am ruthless. And I win. Then the game mysteriously gets put away again until he forgets again.

Playing games together is fun. You get to have this (friendly) smack-talk banter back and forth while chatting about life. I like that conversations are kept light but insightful. And if you don't like where the conversation is going, go can always pull the rug out and put all your cards down. 100 points for going out, and 100 points for going out concealed. That's a lot of points for a date night.

Of course, especially with Canasta, you always have to keep score. That way you can throw in a back rub for the winner, and get out of doing the dishes. Or... the sky is the limit.

The best part of a game night date is, you don't have to put a lot of planning or effort into it. If you're tired at the end of the day, playing a game is a great way to be lazy without ignoring each other in front of the TV. Most families have a game or two already, so there is usually no cost (although if you don't have Canasta I highly recommend it). You can include the whole family or play just the two of you. You can play in your work clothes, play clothes, jammies, or silkies. Or in the buff [insert a little wink-wink here].

Want to make it a little more special? Prepare his favorite dessert to go along with his favorite game. Turn on some music. Have some fun!
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September 13, 2011

toddler tuesday: footloose

Today is all about getting down and dirty with some good old fashioned footprints.

I like to do footprints every few months, though I wish I would have been more consistent and started this sooner. 
We have a few bottles of washable tempera paint - we love getting it out and getting into it. 
And by "we" I mean, "I" because Millie can't stand the thought of getting dirty.
But I bribe her.

Some fun things we do aside from just hand and foot prints is the dance of the painted feet. 
I paint her feet and lay out paper and crank up the Pandora Toddler station. 
This time I also let her dance around on the bare floor also, as I needed a little motivation to mop. 
Gotta love washable paint. 

I've seen a few different ideas on Pinterest of different pictures to make with hand and feet prints. 
Everything from fish, trees and butterflies to turkeys, flowers and faces. 
I can't wait until she's old enough for those kinds of crafts. 
Does it make me a huge nerd that I want to do all the kiddie crafts? 


Other things to do with painted feet: 
See what it looks like when you tip-toe, march, and hop. 
Have a long-jump contest. 
Make a giant picture on the floor with just your feet (read: washable paint).
Paint the feet of some toys and see what kind of footprint they make.
Count feet and toes when the paint dries.
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September 12, 2011

make it monday: party time!

Millie turned 2.


The only good thing about her getting bigger is throwing her parties. :D

I wanted a small party in the park this year. We were originally going to have it on a farm (hence the farm theme) but our farm of choice was not open on the day we wanted to do the party. So, to the park we went!

But first I had to make decorations!

To make the bunting, I cut out a ton of isosceles triangles out of fabric. I cut long strips of fabric (large 7" and then small 2.5" ones).
Then I took a piece of printer paper and folded it on a corner edge-to-edge to give me a nice 45 degree angle, then cut it according to the size of triangle I wanted to make. Easy peasy!
Once I had my template, I just cut them out fairly quickly. Some I traced and hand-cut and others I used my rotary cutter, just to try different things.
Once they were all cut, I laid them out in the pattern I wanted and stacked them up.
Next, I just sat at my sewing machine and fed them through using a simple straight stitch and a 1/2" ribbon (make sure to either sew in loops on the end on leave room for ties).

Ta-da! Farm themed bunting!

Here are other things you can make yourself to save money on a kid's party (or any party!):
Cake. Just add toy topper.

Cute utensil and napkins:

Add some toys on the table for a nice display. And use extra fabric as table coverings.

Cost of decorating our party:
Fabric: $15 (made bunting, utensil/napkin ties, bubble covers, and table covers) we chose something we can re-use to redecorate the kids room as a bonus!
Bandanas: $2 for 2 at Wal-Mart. I had more I forgot to even get out of the bag.
Bubbles: $1 for a 3-pack and the Dollar Tree. Cut out matching fabric and hot-glue on to make them match any theme!
Bowls: $1 each at Target. Totally reusable in the kitchen and for more parties.
Jars for cups: $7 for a dozen - find them on sale and use coupons. Reuse for canning, storage, leftovers, and future parties.
Plastic table cloth and utensils: $1 each at the dollar store. Easy clean up - but clean and reuse when possible.
Total cost of decorating: around $35 - and all but the disposables will be reused.

The hubs made the cake. From boxed mixes. He used:
3 boxes of cake mix: $1.50 each
2 pots of frosting: $1.75 each
Food dye (use paste or gel for a darker color): $5 with lots left over for the next party!
Total cost for the cake: $13
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September 2, 2011

Happy September!

I can't believe I just said that. September, really? I can't believer we're already in the ber-months. Eesh.

Not a lot going on in these parts as I've been sick. Bleh. Being sick has meant few photos and fun projects. Although I did manage to rearrange the front room and Millie's room yesterday, so the week hasn't been a total loss.

My baby Millie isn't much of a baby anymore. She'll be 2 next week. I have enjoyed the last 2 years so very much and I'm so proud of the little girl my Millie is becoming. Mmmmm. We went out to a local farm this week and had some ice cream - her very first ice cream all on her own.

Sam will be 3 months this month. My oh my how the time flies.
He's already an expert at breaking out of the swaddle. (Wow, I thought my P&S took better photos than this)

Ok, I was just writing a little hello. I'm really feeling better and will get back to regular blogging next week! Have a good weekend!
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