September 13, 2011

toddler tuesday: footloose

Today is all about getting down and dirty with some good old fashioned footprints.

I like to do footprints every few months, though I wish I would have been more consistent and started this sooner. 
We have a few bottles of washable tempera paint - we love getting it out and getting into it. 
And by "we" I mean, "I" because Millie can't stand the thought of getting dirty.
But I bribe her.

Some fun things we do aside from just hand and foot prints is the dance of the painted feet. 
I paint her feet and lay out paper and crank up the Pandora Toddler station. 
This time I also let her dance around on the bare floor also, as I needed a little motivation to mop. 
Gotta love washable paint. 

I've seen a few different ideas on Pinterest of different pictures to make with hand and feet prints. 
Everything from fish, trees and butterflies to turkeys, flowers and faces. 
I can't wait until she's old enough for those kinds of crafts. 
Does it make me a huge nerd that I want to do all the kiddie crafts? 


Other things to do with painted feet: 
See what it looks like when you tip-toe, march, and hop. 
Have a long-jump contest. 
Make a giant picture on the floor with just your feet (read: washable paint).
Paint the feet of some toys and see what kind of footprint they make.
Count feet and toes when the paint dries.


Shannon said...

If it makes *you* a nerd, then it makes *me* a nerd. I find myself wishing Simon were older so we could get started on some of those kiddie crafts, but then I think "HE doesn't need to be older, I can do them myself!!!"

Cas said...

I'm half temped to save things (empty toilet paper rolls, milk jugs, etc) because I think, "we could make X someday!" Then I think about how many boxes I would need if I started saving that stuff now. LOL.

Toddler crafts are fun too. She loves when I paint with her. I love to paint, so it's a pretty win-win situation. ;)

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