September 12, 2011

make it monday: party time!

Millie turned 2.


The only good thing about her getting bigger is throwing her parties. :D

I wanted a small party in the park this year. We were originally going to have it on a farm (hence the farm theme) but our farm of choice was not open on the day we wanted to do the party. So, to the park we went!

But first I had to make decorations!

To make the bunting, I cut out a ton of isosceles triangles out of fabric. I cut long strips of fabric (large 7" and then small 2.5" ones).
Then I took a piece of printer paper and folded it on a corner edge-to-edge to give me a nice 45 degree angle, then cut it according to the size of triangle I wanted to make. Easy peasy!
Once I had my template, I just cut them out fairly quickly. Some I traced and hand-cut and others I used my rotary cutter, just to try different things.
Once they were all cut, I laid them out in the pattern I wanted and stacked them up.
Next, I just sat at my sewing machine and fed them through using a simple straight stitch and a 1/2" ribbon (make sure to either sew in loops on the end on leave room for ties).

Ta-da! Farm themed bunting!

Here are other things you can make yourself to save money on a kid's party (or any party!):
Cake. Just add toy topper.

Cute utensil and napkins:

Add some toys on the table for a nice display. And use extra fabric as table coverings.

Cost of decorating our party:
Fabric: $15 (made bunting, utensil/napkin ties, bubble covers, and table covers) we chose something we can re-use to redecorate the kids room as a bonus!
Bandanas: $2 for 2 at Wal-Mart. I had more I forgot to even get out of the bag.
Bubbles: $1 for a 3-pack and the Dollar Tree. Cut out matching fabric and hot-glue on to make them match any theme!
Bowls: $1 each at Target. Totally reusable in the kitchen and for more parties.
Jars for cups: $7 for a dozen - find them on sale and use coupons. Reuse for canning, storage, leftovers, and future parties.
Plastic table cloth and utensils: $1 each at the dollar store. Easy clean up - but clean and reuse when possible.
Total cost of decorating: around $35 - and all but the disposables will be reused.

The hubs made the cake. From boxed mixes. He used:
3 boxes of cake mix: $1.50 each
2 pots of frosting: $1.75 each
Food dye (use paste or gel for a darker color): $5 with lots left over for the next party!
Total cost for the cake: $13


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