August 13, 2014

furlough 2014 update

Every once in a while, I look up at the little button on my browser that takes me right to my blog. I look at it. And I ignore it, very purposely. Every time.

Being a missionary is not an easy job. We get all settled in one life, happily plucking away, and then we’re uprooted back to the States for a furlough. In theory it should be fun. A nice break. A vacation.

But it’s not always.

Collecting eggs from a farm in central Oregon with friends

It’s traveling every week to a different church. Sleeping on floors, air mattresses, or guest beds at different homes. The kids start to have trouble sleeping in these different places. They struggle with eating food they aren’t fond of. Different rules. Always coming and going. Not enough stability.

Touring “Grandpa’s” factory in Salem, OR

Lest you think I’m complaining, I’m just saying this is why I haven’t written all summer. I struggle to think of interesting things to tell you. But we’ve had some real gem-moments this summer.

All the Anderson grandchildren in one precious photo

Todd is due back in Oregon (where our ‘home-base’ is) today after being away 2 1/2 weeks in Michigan. Our organization had planning/organizing meetings for all of the aviation projects that he had to go to. The kids and I were very, very blessed to stay at the Oregon Coast for most of the time Todd was away. We played in the sand, got kites and flew them, ate salt water taffy, went whale watching, climbed on rocks, explored tide pools, took long, slow walks on the beach, and visited with friends and family. It was a wonderful break from the craziness of this furlough.
Friends at the beach is the best!

Waiting for the tide to come in

Mama and kiddies playing in the sand

Roasting marshmallows with friends. This became a nightly tradition.

Exploring Depot Bay with Grandpa Bob

Their first trip to the ocean that they’ll remember

We have been so blessed in so many ways. So many small - and large - acts of kindness and generosity that have meant to much to us. We are so very thankful for each person we’ve met this summer who had taken the time to house us, feed us, encourage us, pray for us, and laugh with us. For all of the stress and instability, it really has been a blessing to our family to be in the US.
Whale watching in Depot Bay with Auntie Sissy

At the Science Center learning about tides

Getting “hugged” by an urchin with Auntie Sissy

And now for the $4,000,000 question that we’re asked everyday... “So when are you going back?”

The answer to this question is, we don’t know yet. Hopefully soon.
Riding bikes to the park

Our last church speaking appointment is September 20th. After that, our furlough is officially over. That means one of 2 things will happen - we will return to Guyana, or, we will be traveling to Tennessee to work on an airplane that our project is hoping to fly down to Guyana later this year. We’re still working on details about the plane, and trying to determine if it’s really the right plane for us. We really covet your prayers on this matter.

Either way, we ARE returning to Guyana. We don’t know when, but we are excited about the direction things are going and about the prospect of another plane coming down.

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue on this summer. Other than getting a plane, our biggest hope is that we are funded enough to stay in Guyana for a few more years. Thanks for joining us on this journey.
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