September 21, 2011

Happy, happy hip

I got a brand new titanium hip yesterday. Here's the low down on surgery day:

2:55 Sam wakes up. Of course 30 minutes before my alarm is meant to go off. 
2:59 Feeding Sam. Suddenly a strange sensation hits me - the realization that in 4 hours I will be getting an IV. That in 4.5 hours my life will change.
3:05 All I can think about is planning the breakfast I can't eat. 
3:08 Sam is done. No wait, he wants more.
3:15 Sam is sleeping.
3:16 I'm sitting on the pot and I realize I won't be sitting like this for what seems to me a very long time. Raised toilet seats, here I come.
3:18 Contacts in.
3:20 Let the documentation begin. And the pumping.  
4:04 Pumped, showered, dressed, and packing up the computer. See you on the flip side... Leaving in 25 minutes.
5:30 This is how you get the good parking spots
5:35 Ooops, got lost in the shuffle, They cant find my paper work.
6:00 They found my paper work and want my money.
6:20 Greeted by the entire hospital it seems. They kick Hubs out.
6:30 The curse of tiny veins - they had to use an ultrasound to find my veins and put the IV in.
6:45 Anesthesia team loaded me up on happy juice.
6:50 Rolled me on my side and inserted the nerve block into my back. I was as high as the clouds. I avoided an epidural with both pregnancies and for what? 
7:10 Off we go to the OR.
7:15 Getting the spinal tap.
7:20 Out like a light.
10:00 Seeing fuzzy lights.
10:01 Beyond shivering, shaking cold.
10:05 Gave me meds to stop the shakes.
10:15 Put a heater under my blankets
10;30 Warm enough to feel human.
11:00 Asking to see Hubs - they say I'm not stable enough yet.
11:50 Started preping me to move me to my room/
12:45 Wheeling me out/
12:50 First patient in room # 1 in the new wing.
1:00 Fancy lift, switched beds.
1:06 Texted loved ones
1:35 Ordered food. 
1:40 Facebook, chatting with Hubs, etc.
2:20 Food arrives
2:45 I'm done eating and want to nap. Hubs leaves for the day.
4:45 First time my hip is hurting.

I stopped keeping track after that. Today I slept in until about 8 (thank you sleeping pill). Around 10 PT was in here. I stood up. If you're impressed, don't be. I immediately had to lay back down because I got to nauseated. Boo. I've been fighting nausea on and off ever since I woke up. They are going to come back in the afternoon and work with me again. I'm lonely, so I'm looking forward to their company. LOL. 

I've got a rough couple of weeks ahead of me... But, I'm on the road to recovery, soon I'll be walking down that road (albeit slowly) but I'll be dancing soon enough. 

(photos to come)


Abi said...

Yay for the new hip! Praying for a swift and easy recovery!

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