August 5, 2011

field trip friday: magnetic resonance imaging

Not exactly a family outing, but at least I got out of the house, right?

 I spent my day at the MRI center. First I got to go in and get dye injected into my hip joint. They had me set up under an xray and stuck the needle into my joint. I seriously thought that needles that big were only for movie props. Needless to say, I spent the day riding around in a wheelchair.

Next I went in for he MRI. Now, if you've never had a MRI, look at the above photo. See that tube with a hole in it? That's where they put me. I cannot explain the level of freak out I nearly reached when they put me in there. Just when I was about to push the "I'm freaking out get me outta here" button, I realized that the other end was open - where my head was. Phew. I still kept my eyes closed most of the time (45 minutes each hip). Freaky.

If you're going "hua?" right now - I have hip dysplasia and am getting a total hip replacement later this year. Which is pretty much like getting a new limb for me.

The doctor doing the injections was slow to talk much, but I chatted him up. He turned out to be nicer than he seemed at first. I told him that I wanted to run - that I never have really run before - but it seems like it would be fun. As he left, he turned and said, "good luck to you - I hope you run like the wind." My hopes exactly.


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