August 2, 2011

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It's hat week!!!

So, in order to give myself some creative direction with Millie, I made up weekly themes. The idea is each week I'll be looking for and creating opportunities for learning and creating and having fun. This week is hat week. We're going to look for hats, count hats, color and draw hats, learn about different kinds of hats, wear hats, etc. I'm excited about the possibilities. 

I made themes for the rest of the year. We'll see how well I stick with it. ;) 

I would LOVE for others to join us in our themes, help us think of crafts and projects and ideas to celebrate learning each week. So what do you say? 

1. hat week (Aug 1)
2. rainbow week (Aug 8)
3. circle week (Aug 15)
4. airplane week (Aug 22)
5. farm week (Aug 29)
6. birthday week (Sept 5)
7. fish week (Sept 12)
8. bear week (Sept 19)
9. jungle week (Sept 26)
10. shoe week (Oct 3)
11. leaf week (Oct 10)
12. circus week (Oct 17)
13. bug week (Oct 24)
14. tree and cloud week (Oct 31)
15. safari week (Nov 7)
16. dog week (Nov 14)
17. thank-you week (Nov 21)
18. alphabet week (Nov 28)
19. book week (Dec 5)
20. doctor week (Dec 12)
21. Christmas week (Dec 19)
22. balloon week (Dec 26)

For more ideas on hat week, visit: Busy Babies!


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Anonymommy said...

I love this! I have weeks already planned out for Wesley too! I am starting in September. I used to work in a daycare and during the school year, each week had a theme that basically went with what they were learning. In the summer time we had really fun themes like camping and ocean week. My mom worked there too and we would combine our classes for lots of things. On farm week we would make homemade ice cream! My mom also let our kids "milk a cow"! She had a poster of a cow and attached a rubber glove underneath the poster. She filled the glove with water and poked a few holes in the fingers of the glove, then let the kids "milk" the cow into a bucket! It was so much fun and the kids loved it!

Ooooh space week was another fun week. We did moon walks and they dressed like astronauts. I think Wesley is really going to enjoy weekly themes, and Ive been so excited about finally starting!

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