August 11, 2011

busy mama: toes and tamales

I don't like being a neglectful bloggie. But sometimes I just get busy. A large part of my day is taken up by nursing Sam, taking Millie to the potty train, and trying to stay on top of the avalanche of never-ending laundry.

But, sometimes - every once in a while, I can get the kiddos to nap at the same time for long enough to get some other things done. For example -
Tuesday I shaved my legs and painted my toenails. Both things that don't happen as often as I'd like, so I count this as an accomplishment. I also cleaned Millie's room and scrubbed the toilet.
Yesterday I cleaned, rearranged, and vacuumed the front room, unloaded, reloaded and ran the dishwasher, swept the kitchen floor, and washed 4 loads of laundry. Today I went to a girlfriend's house and made tamales, folded 4 loads of laundry, and once I post this blog, we're off to swim class. Tomorrow's agenda includes cleaning the bedrooms and watching more "So you Think you can Dance" (I had never heard of this show, I just found it on Hulu - fun!).

I've also been busy keeping Millie out of band aids:

 Millie's first lolly:

 She wasn't too thrilled about the band aids...
She was walking while carrying toys... outside.  On the cement. Poor girl. :/


Abi said...

At least it wasn't down the middle of her forehead. LOL That is what Mr O (now 7) did for his first owie. Lollipops solve all kinds of problems. :-D Keep them in supply.

Cas said...

Oh no! Poor guy. :/ Yes, lollies are going to stay hidden away for emergencies. LOL.

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