May 21, 2012

weirder still...

The other day my sister called me. We talk several times a week - a blessing of modern technology. Even from the far-off land of Australia, we still can talk almost daily.

"I'm getting weirder." I told her. That was the day we sold our TV. Last night, I got even weirder. Now, by "weirder" I just mean, going against the mainstream. Doing my own thing. In this day and age is it weird for someone not to have a TV. Not that the TV is bad in and of itself, but a large portion of what is on the thing aren't very good/godly/appropriate/etc. I didn't like that it was so easy to turn on some entertaining trashy show while the kids napped. I can think of lots of better ways to spend my time. But I didn't. I watched TV. So we canceled our Netflix. Then we sold the TV.

So I spent my time so much better, right?

I'm not sure facebook is any better.

Facebook in and of itself isn't a bad thing. But when I lack the self control to turn it off and pick up my Bible, it's a problem. When I find myself looking at Facebook while talking to my husband, it's a problem. I didn't want to turn Facebook off, I needed to.

So I "deactivated" my account. Facebook assured me that they would save all my information so when I changed my mind it would be there waiting for me. Oh goodie.

I'm reading this book, maybe I've linked it recently? It's called Almost Amish (You can read the first chapter free on Amazon! Check it out!). No, I'm not going to be Amish now. But I might be kind of Amish... I've only just finished the second chapter (read: it's hard to read with children using you for a jungle gym and an easel at the same time). But every time I pick up my book (read: kindle) even if I only get a little nugget I find myself saying "Yes! This is what I want!"

So, I am now Facebook and TV free.

Wonder what will go next...?

But I just have to say, I really don't miss it, and it feels rather freeing. I'm now free to be fully present with my children and my husband and most importantly, my God. Yes, I always was free to be present, but I didn't often make the best choices. Now I choose family. And love. And ministry.

Everything I do is for a reason and has a purpose. I love it. When I just feel like "wasting time" I read to my kids. Or let then draw on my face with markers (read: this is why I only buy washable). Or mop my kitchen floor.

Another thing - just to throw this out there - I'm doing is selling things. Extra things... pretty much everything. If it's not essential to our home, it needs to go. Extra clothes are being given away. Toys are finding new homes. We are making space to live and play and build forts and play dress up. And the things I sell? Don't miss them a bit.

What I do miss is the time I wasted not being present with my family. But no more. It's already going really, really fast (the growing they do) - I'm not going to miss another minute. Happy sigh.


Natalie Lutton said...

YES!!! to ALL of this! I am there with you! :) Let's keep in touch this summer! I am packing my computer and tv up and putting it out of site and out of mind for the summer. Dusting off my bible, my walking shoes and my broom. ;)

madin said...

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