May 4, 2012

imperfect | worship

Now. I'm not going to pretend to be perfect. In fact... I'm far from perfect. Far, far, far from perfect.

I'm that mom with a sticker on her butt. Blissfully unaware.

I probably did my hair at some point, but by the time you see it, it's sticking out in really awkward places. You try talking to me but your mind keeps guessing shapes in my frazzled hair. You know, like you do with the clouds. And the only thing that makes it more awkward is that I don't notice (so please tell me).

There is a very good chance I have purple marker smeared across my face. How this happens is, my toddler, who is very "creative," will be coloring with a purple marker. It somehow - but always (I haven't figured this part out yet) gets all over her. ALL over her. And so the next time I come in contact with her, it almost magnetically transfers to my face. Since we're being honest, I'll tell you - I'm pretty sure that she somehow plans it. Like when I bend over to help her go potty and she innocently touches my face. Tricking me into thinking she's being sweet. But really, she's transferring the purple marker to my face. Only - I have no idea until 9 pm when I happen to be brushing my teeth and glance in the mirror.

So are we clear how very not perfect I am (and how very much I probably need a shower?)


One of my favorite questions to ask other moms is how they make time to spend feeding their spiritual life. It's often hungry. Much like toddlers. I love getting new ideas and hearing what works for other people, and just being encouraged that I'm not the only one that struggles with this or prays at odd times. What, you've never prayed while going to the bathroom?

One thing I am often told (by non-parents or parents with children long past the baby years) is to wake up an hour early to have your devotional time. I don't know about you, but when I've been up at 11, and 12, and 2, and 3:30, and 5... missing yet another hour of sleep isn't really possible. Because my children strongly dislike me turning into a zombie and trying to eat them. When I am tired, my fruits dry up. You know, love, peace, patience just to name a few. They hide away, probably looking for a quiet place in my brain to curl up and nap. So the waking up early thing - doesn't really work for me. I was not blessed with babies who slept through the night on their 4th night in this world. No... Millie was 18 months old before she would sleep all night, but I still see her at hours I would rather not see her. Sometimes several times a night. And Sam, well... at 10 months old and with severe reflux and sensory issues (read: unable to eat much), he is still eating every 3 hours. EVERY three hours.

So, I would like to encourage you to find something that works for you - if you, like me, are in need of every scrap of sleep you can find. And if you, like me, aren't prefect.

Here are some ideas:
-Pray on the potty. You laugh, but, well...
This afternoon: Our home was rocked by scandal today - I declared the bathroom off limits while Mama was in there. Panic ensued. Tears poured. All hope was lost. And yet, miraculously, all survived.
-Read your Bible to your children. I know often times my children don't care what I read as long as I read. So make it count. 

-Instead of napping when they nap (do people really do that? I never could), read your devotions. Read your Bible. Worship in your own way.

-Play worship music throughout the day. In the kitchen, in the car, on the potty... kLove, the Dove, Pandora, iTunes, CDs from the library, etc. 

-Pray before meals. And not just for your food.

-Turn on some Veggie Tales and spend the whole 5 minutes they actually will pay attention to the TV in worship.

-Set the alarm on your phone to remind you to pray throughout the day.

-Having a movie night? Go against the grain and watch something positive and uplifting. You know, a movie without a half naked girl or a guy with a gun on the cover. We like Facing the Giants, Fireproof, Flywheel, One Night With the King, The Nativity Story, and Blind Side. Just to name a few off the top of my head. 

-Play the blessing game with your children. Go back and forth naming/counting blessings. Or, play by yourself. 

These are just a few ideas, I would love to hear more. Please share. Even if the only time you can is from your phone while you're on the potty. 


Sara said...

I love all of this. I definitely need more time to worship.

Off topic just slightly but Caroline doesn't sleep through the night either. Won't even sleep in her crib, only in my arms. So I hear you on the lack of sleep. She wakes alllll the time.

And another slightly off topic... I absolutely love your writing style and wish you would write a book just so I could read more.

And we love veggie tales over here!

And I love your blog. And you are fabulous.

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