May 27, 2012

adventure list

Millie, Sam and I are in the shower. I'm shaving my legs.
Millie: Mama what are you doing?
Me: Shaving my legs.
Millie: Why?
Me: To conform to society's standards of how a woman should look.
Millie: I have soap on me.

I sometime doubt my daughter's sincerity when asking why I do something.

I used to read blogs. Several. I can list many fantastic blogs at the drop of a hat (I tend to drop everything at some point). Every once in a while I open my blog list and see if there is anything exciting happening. There usually is. I rarely make the time to read more than titles and headlines (read: this is why I have a sometimes odd sense of what's happening in the news).  One blog I love reading when I can is Kelle Hampton's blog. Have you ever discovered this gem? She wrote about "mini bucket lists" for the week. What a good idea! I thought I might give it a try also (read: I say "try" because I didn't keep up on the "next 5" thing, so I might not keep up on this either).

End-of-May adventure list:
1. Send 2 cards this week.
2. Pack up at least 2 boxes for the yard sale - let Millie help.
3. Have a picnic.
4. Read, listen and pray more. Talk, computer, and roll eyes less.
5. Find a photo album and fill with photos.
6. Make supper from scratch most nights (read: at least 4 nights).
7. Water the garden. Add to the garden. Let Millie help.
8. Make a family budget.
9. Leave the house every day. Even if it's just to the park.
10. Learn how to make green smoothies.

Ok. I have my mission. I will now go and conquer.


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