May 25, 2012

Do you ever wonder how many people, after seeing an ad for Tampax supporting the Olympics, will be standing in the feminine hygiene isle at the market and think, "Well if Tampax is good enough for the Olympics, it's good enough for me!"? I do.

Amelia and I made dough this morning. By "made dough" I mean, I made dough and she played in a sink full of soapy water. I made sugar cookie dough (I now know why they are named "sugar cookies" although "sugar and butter cookies" might be a more fitting name. I also made pasta dough because tonight we're having freshly made perogies for supper. At least I hope we are... for all I know with my cooking history we may end up ordering a pizza.

We have reached the stage of "come here!" When both kids are awake (read: not tag-teaming naps so one is always sleeping and one is always awake. They are crafty like this), Millie calls to Sam to "come here!" all the time. It's really cute until the boy is no longer interested in being sissy's little shadow.

Just for a point of reference, I started this post this morning. It's now nearly 5. Perogies dough has been rolled out and cut, and the potatoes are now cooking. We're about halfway done. We may or may not eat supper at a decent hour. I guess I could get up and finish them... But, it's the golden hour (read: Papa just got home so the kids will be glued to him for the next ten minutes). I'm hot and tired so I needed to sit down.

I ordered a ton of stuff from Shutterfly. I spend about $30 on $100 worth of product. I love Shutterly. I made Millie a book called "I'm a Big Sister!" and it came today. As well as some father's day goodies. Included among my shipment: more codes for free stuff. Win!

Ok, logging off to go finish the perogies. Wish me luck!


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