May 29, 2012

all prettied up

I made our list pretty:

There are a lot of Oregon-specific things on the list, so if you live in Oregon and want a copy I'm happy to share. Really I just wanted something I could print off and hang on the wall and check off items. I love checking things off lists. I may or may not add things to lists that I have already done just for the enjoyment of checking them off...

It seems that my children might be coming down with something. Millie begged for a nap at 10:30 (she slept in until 8:30!) and Sam willingly went down just after that. They've been asleep 3 1/2 hours now... I thought I heard Millie waking up, but when I poked my head in, there was my little angel, gently snoring on Papa's pillow.

I've got a lot done. For evidence, see exhibit B (the summer list thing). Exhibit A was already consumed, so is no longer evidence.

It's a beautiful day in Oregon and - oh, now the boy is awake. No more daydreaming. Diapers, bottles, and cuddles await me.

Blessings to you!


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