May 15, 2012

the change

The kids are napping.

We sold our TV. It's being picked up tomorrow. I canceled Netflix. I canceled Hulu. I am selling most of our DVDs and VCDs. We only kept videos that had a godly message. Because anything else just isn't worth our time.

The CD player is coming downstairs. That way I don't have to have my computer open to play music - because it's too easy for me to sit down for a "minute" and check email/facebook/etc. My "minute" at the computer has a way of turning into "minutes." More than I'd like to admit. I justify it with the face that they are watching Veggie Tales so it doesn't matter. It matters. They notice.

Oh how they notice.

We're going to make more cookies. And paintings. And messes. Because really... why would I rather be looking at facebook than doing these things? I don't

We're going to to go the park. And the science center. And Colorado. And visit my best friend in Washington.

We are going to read all the books on my children's overflowing book shelf. And build towers. And unroll toilet paper just for the fun of it (note to self, buy really cheap toilet paper).

As much as possible, the computer will only be on when the kids are napping (like now). I will make notes (on paper) and do my work when I don't have the opportunity to watch my babies grow. I want to be intentional, you know? I don't want to miss it.

THIS is a really popular blog going around right now. I love it. Totally agree with it. Though I started this journey of being more intentional before I discovered her blog, I feel like she's kinda my soul sister.

I still have mommy guilt from time to time about not being able to breastfeed my babies - but I don't want to harbor guilt later over something I CAN control now. No more guilt.


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