July 10, 2012

toddler tuesday: messy play

Sometimes I forget how important it is for my kids to get messy. That or, I dread the clean-up at the end. But the times that I DO let them loose, I'm always glad I did.

Start off with a tub of shaving cream. I got a couple of cans at the dollar store. Nice old man smell. :) 

Freeze up some paint beforehand.  

Dump in the paint and let 'em go! 
Sticking his finger in it was the extent of Sam's interest in this project. But at least he stuck a finger in it and didn't just ignore it.

It's actually really pretty!

Millie was determined to cover herself in pretty old-man smell. 

Afterwards I just dumped several buckets of water on her. She got mostly clean.


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