July 10, 2012

toddler adventures: camping

We went on our first camping trip with the kids! It was a total success!
Here are some photos, things I learned and advice for camping with babies and toddlers:

Millie ALWAYS wants to help. We try to let her  unless it's unsafe. 

Sam couldn't get enough nature. Especially in his mouth. 

Little helper! 

Advice: set up the tent first, then let the kids play in it while you set up the rest of the camp. Remember a small broom and dustpan or you will, like me, be sweeping the floor with wipes. 

I brought Milllie's kitchen toys so she could "cook" on her little "fire" also. Imagination is a beautiful thing.  

Meanwhile, Sam just runs around carting toys across camp and eating things. 

Pack and play for the baby to nap in. He did great! 

An already made fort was waiting for us on the beach. Win! 

First marshmallow roasting. I started that fire, by the way. ;)

It was a huge success!  

If you haven't noticed yet, yes, my kids are matching. Happy accident in the wardrobe department.

 Fog rolled through but didn't stay.

 Here I raise my Ebenezer...

This is morning. Millie is warming by the fire. That Fire Marshal Mama made. 

Our camp menu:
Lunch: PB&J sandwiches, chips, melon
Supper: veggie hot dogs, potatoes, chips, smores
Breakfast: instant organic oatmeal, fruit, hot chocolate, and we may or may not have had a marshmallow. Or two. 

We love taking corn, but it's not allowed over the California border. To cook corn and potatoes, prep them with butter and salt and wrap in tin foil. Throw over coals to cook. Amazing. 
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