July 19, 2012

july interview

Monthly interview with Millie:

• What is something mommy always says to you? I don't know. Nothing.
• What makes you happy? Jesus. Jesus!
• What makes you sad? My pac! It was broken like this (and shows me with her fingers)
• What makes you laugh? A book
• How old are you? 1. I'm 1. And Samuel's 2.
• How old is Mommy? 1
• How old is Daddy? 1
• What is your favorite thing to do? Rice.
• Who is your best friend? Brooklyn and Sydney and Izzy and Zander and Ariana.
• What do you want to be when you grow up? I still want to be Amelia, but now I'm big.
• What are you really good at? cleaning up
• What is your favorite food? rice
• What is your favorite song? Animals
• What do you want for your birthday this year? A birthday cake
• What is your favorite animal? A kitty cat and a doggie
• What is love? Love - you
• What does mommy/daddy do for work? He eats his lunch
• Where is your favorite place to go? Kid time!


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