July 5, 2011

toddler tuesdays: colors and sticks

It's a known fact - at least to toddlers - that things taste much better if they're on a stick. 
Or if they're a cool color. 

So, in celebration of our nation's birthday, I made lunch red, white, and blue. 
And put it on a stick:
Oh good, the lighting captures all the scratches on her tray. 


I was hoping to take more photos than I did yesterday, but as it turns out, Sam is having a growth spurt. 
And I ended up nursing him. 
All day. 

Here's how he spent the Independence Day parade:

Millie was just as cozy:

I had planned on a little festive photoshoot, but... well I was busy nursing a growing boy.

Colors and sticks:
^Food dye
^kabob sticks
^cut up fruits, veggies, cheese, etc.
^sauce (I often times use yogurt or cottage cheese or such - these are the easiest to color)


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