July 7, 2011

therapy thursday: space dreams

Do you ever find yourself sitting around dreaming up the perfect way to organize/decorate/redo a certain space in your home? I do. A lot. Lately that space has been our back patio. Currently our back patio is divided into 2 main functions: storage (bicycles, freezer, cooler, etc) and usable area - with the sand box, 2 chairs, and kiddie pool. Draped along the length of the patio are two clotheslines. It's not a large space - it's a fenced in concrete slab with bark chips along the fence opposite the house (townhouse).

The hubs helped me kind of squish the storage items to the far side a bit more tonight, and I gave the ground a good sweeping. I'd like to trade the current camping chairs for a 4-seat patio table, chairs and umbrella. The sandbox is now up against the wall to allow for more playing room for Millie. Tomorrow I'm going to put out a large foam play mat I bought second hand (you know those ones that you put the squares together like a puzzle). Soon I hope to have transformed our mostly unused patio into a play/relaxing space the whole family will enjoy.

Tomorrow Millie and I will take some of Papa's leftover seeds from the garden and plant them in some of the unsightly barren pots of dirt that one day housed some other plants. We're going to learn about how things grow.

Investment so far = $5 (foam mat)
Investment goal = $50

My dream patio space would include lots of greenery, cushy chairs and room for the kids to play.

For some patio therapy, check out this site. I'll post photos of the patio when the makeover is complete.

So, what's the space you dream about changing? Tell me about it...


Kelli Jean said...

it's amazing that you bought that mat for five dollars. We were looking for one here and would have had to pay about fifty. Your plans sound great. Outdoor play places are wonderful.

Anonymommy said...

I want our backyard to be awesome. We have a huge yard with lots of trees. We rent so we can't put up a fence like I would like to but I really want it to be a fun place for the kids to play. We are working on it though. I found some great outside toys on Craigslist and we want to get them for Wesley's birthday. Hopefully the guy will hold them til Tuesday so we can pick them up. I just emailed him about it. But other than lots of outside toys I don't really know WHAT to do to the yard. I'm not good at growing things at all. Your patio sounds like so much fun. I bet it will be beautiful when you are done. I can't wait to see pictures.

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