July 1, 2011

field trip friday: mom's group

Sadly, I ran out of the house without my camera today.
So this will be a photo-less post.

Our field-trip today was to check out a new mom's group. I've attended a mom's group for a year and a half (ever since we moved to Oregon) but it breaks for the summer. So when I was invited to this one, I thought I'd check it out.

Millie sat on the sofa next to me as quiet as a mouse for the first hour. Then she finally got down and played with the other children. And realized what fun she had been missing out on. :)

I'd like to encourage moms - especially stay-at-home-moms - to find a mom's group to be a part of. Women tend to need a social outlet, and a mom's group (hopefully) offers the support and companionship that women typically crave. I generally try to do a "fun" field-trip with Millie, but this practical outing benefits both mama and child. Children like Millie who don't have built-in playmates at home really need the interaction with other small people. It's a win for everyone!

mom's group:
group of moms (look online, ask at the pediatrician's office, check out library groups, ask at local churches, ask friends - or start your own!)

And just because I hate to post without a photo:


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