July 13, 2011

toddler tuesday: art, dates, and tips

A day late, yes. A dollar short? I'd like to think not. Better late than never though. :)

3 Parts to todays post - art, dates, and tips. Here we go:

Part 1: Art (no explanation needed)

Part 2: Dates
To insure a successful play date, the following is required: cute kid, best friend, and mama's camera. :)

The whole crew:

Part 3: 3 Tips
Just some things I've found to be very helpful in keeping my toddler busy while I learn how to juggle her and the wee one.
1. A wet rag. I'm not sure why, but I'm gald - Millie takes great joy in helping mama clean. She can "clean" windows, floors, the TV... you name it, she'll clean it (or at least wipe a wet rag on it).
2. A squirt bottle - hours of endless enjoyment (this one is best outside or in the bath tub).
3. Buckets and cups outside - just add water.


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