June 26, 2011


While I don't plan on posting everyday (because let's face it - I have a newborn and a toddler) I've come up with some goals for posting. 

Here they are:
Make-it Monday (sewing/crafting/scrapping/card-making/etc)
Toddler Tuesday (ideas/activities/tips/etc pertaining to toddlers)
Wifely Wednesday (date ideas/practical romance ideas/etc)
Therapy Thursday (things to inspire and encourage your creative or non creative soul)
Field-trip Friday (practical (or not :P ) outings - with tips/advice/etc.)

We'll see how it goes. I just needed some motivation to tend to my blog. :) It's requiring me to do some planning & forethought which I haven't been doing (blog-wise... I do think before I act... typically). And I also reserve the right to stray from these parameters. 


Meanwhile, while I haven't been blogging, I have been snapping photos of the big sissy and "her" baby. She is enthralled with him. But you can see that...

I love my babies.

PS - I can't wait to make this!


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