June 28, 2011

make it monday: DIY photography

Want great photos on the cheap? 
If you can't afford a professional photographer, give it a go yourself! 
Here are some examples of what you can do at home:


DIY Photography:
+Lighting is KEY - don't use your on-camera. Find a spot in your house that has great natural fill light. There are 2 spots in my house that work great - in front of the sliding glass door and in Millie's room. Make sure the light is always behind you.
+Pay attention to your focus. You usually want the eyes to be in focus, unless you have a reason for them not to be the main focus.
+You don't need a fantastic camera - I shot these on my little old Nikon D40. Just make sure that you have your camera set to shoot on the highest resolution available.
+Pay attention to detail. What's in the background? What's in the foreground? I used a plain old down comforter on the floor for these. There is a Boppy nursing pillow under the comforter in some of them.
+Keep it fun, try new angles, and be creative!


Kristi said...

Cas, these photos are fantastic. You're very good.

madin said...

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