December 1, 2013

pinkie swear

I live in a world without Safeway, Krispy Kreme, and Starbucks. If I want something, I have to make it. If anyone ever needed Pinterest, it is me. 

After spending nearly a year in Guyana, I fancy myself somewhat a Suzy Homemaker. I can make almost anything - and usually I can make it well. My bread is quiet good. My cinnamon rolls are great. My tortillas are worth every labored minute. 

I am pretty handy in the kitchen, I'm organized(ish) in my house, I keep a dandy routine/schedule for my family, and I feed my family mostly healthy meals (minus my recent addiction to Snickers bars). 

I'm not gifted in any of the homemaking arts. None of this comes easy to me. In fact, a year ago I didn't know how to make soup. A year ago, I had no idea people could make virtually everything they [I] bought at Safeway. It has been a process, and I'm still a far cry from, say, reaching the culinary delights of my extremely talented sister. But I'm getting there. 

I am going to make an effort to write more about our lives here in Guyana and the things we do in everyday life that are things we'd never do in the States (like wade through 6 inches of rainwater, catch frogs in the washing machine, and make sure the bug net is tucked in). 

I'm haven't been goo about writing since we got back from furlough and moved to Georgetown, but here is my solemn promise to think about trying to write more. Pinkie swear. 

PS I just wrote a guest blog post here about putting more Jesus in Christmas. 


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