October 12, 2013

699 penny lane

This is our house. 699 Penny Lane. Want to come for a visit?

We have been in back in Guyana for a week and a half now. It's been... interesting, to be sure. It's certainly different than living in the jungle, but it's not all bad.

Here are some highlights of our first week and a half as Georgetown residents:
= We bought a fridge, washing machine, kitchen table, and chocolate.
= Samuel has decided he needs to eat no less than 4 bananas per day.
= Amelia picked out a kitten from the pound after our cat ran away.
= Todd has been trying to figure out the wacky water system here at the house.
= I have made friends with a lady that drives her truck around selling produce/bananas everyday.
= We have started preschool in a very lazy fashion.
= I made smoothies and them popsicles. I'm very well liked around here.
= We got internet set up at home and we both got cell phones. Hello, world!
= I finally made my first every homemade play clay
= We have spent several hours in our favorite taxi driver, Smokey's car looking for a Smokey-approved fan.
= We have made friends with our next-door neighbor who has hammocks. The kids ask to visit daily.
= We have all been needing 2 showers a day. In the morning and at night. It's super hot here.
= Todd is happy to be back in an airplane engine and not up front preaching.


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