May 21, 2011

obligatory first "yay, I started a new blog!" post

It seems that no matter what stage of life I'm in, there is always something to write about.

I've written several blogs over the years, ranging from mission work, to green living, to a self help blog. Writing, creating, photographing, and sharing bits of humor are good ways to relieve the constant outflow of ideas. So, as I close one chapter of my life, and the blog that goes along with it, I begin a new chapter, one that often is smudged by peanut butter or has chew-marks in it. It's the story of life as a stay-at-home-mom to one amazing little girl we call Millie... and her brother who has yet to make an appearance despite nearly 6 weeks of preterm contractions and all the signs of early labor.

Millie is 20 months old. She loves to dance, watch Veggie Tales, and is rather bald. She wears a lot of hats. Not that we're ashamed of the bald head, it's just... bald. She is feisty in every way that a toddler can be, with the whole spectrum of emotions to match. Part of this blog will be about her and the many ways she keeps me dancing on my toes, and falling on my butt (metaphorically and physically).

Samuel is due to make his appearance mid June. He's been itching to come out though, and I've been on meds to keep the plethora of contractions under control since 30 weeks. I'm currently 35 weeks and happy that full-term is just around the corner. So far I can tell you 2 things about Sam: he likes to wiggle, and he's bald. We just make bald babies, ok?

I spend my days with Millie, at home, at the park, out exploring... well, we did all that before I went on bed rest. Now we stay home, watch more Veggie Tales than I care to admit, and have dance parties where I don't actually dance. It's more of an arm flail, really. I spend most nap times sneaking foods that "we don't eat in our house" (but I'm pregnant so I'm magically exempt from this rule), catching up online, and sewing. And of course, blogging.

I am married to a rather peculiar man who is currently out running. He is training for another half-marathon. Because running is... fun? I guess if you don't sew you have to have something to do, right? He works 40-50 hours a week on aircraft. Though he is currently working as a mechanic, he also happens to be a mutli-engine commercial-rated pilot (I think is the right way to say it). Basically, he can make them go up and go neeerrrmmm. We've been together 10 years in October, married for nealy 8 years. I like this guy.

So in a nut shell, that's my family. We are on-the-go a lot. We like the beach, camping, traveling and collecting stamps in our passports - although since Millie came along we haven't strayed too far from home. That much change soon. We live in a townhouse but we also have a garden plot at a local organic farm. We eat healthy (ah hem, well, most of us do... so I crave brownies and ice cream with crunchies... I'm pregnant, so lay off), we're vegetarian, and we live on a budget.

So, that's what this blog will be about: travel, family, home, and my desire to create. Follow along if you'd like to join our journey.



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