May 22, 2011

custom hospital/nursing gown

A while back a friend (who started out a friend of a friend) and I started talking about making a custom hospital gown - as we are due to give birth around the same time, her being due first. I hemmed and hawed about it for a long while, then I bought some cheapie Wal-Mart fabric to play around with. After shopping for fabric together via cell phone, text, and photos (as the state of Nevada is separating us), we found a fabric that she liked and I got to work. The result:
 I am modeling it, however I happen to be a good 4 inches taller than my friend, so it's not going to be so short on her.

My first attempt at taking something very plain and boring (and often times ugly) and turning it into something special and pretty. I learned I have a lot to learn about making patterns and altering them.

So, it's done, will be packaged later today and shipped out tomorrow. Hope you like it Rachel!

If you're interested in learning how I made it, drop me a comment letting me know. If enough people are interested, I'll whip one up for myself and make up a tutorial as I go. :)

If you're looking for a plain-jane no-frills hospital gown pattern, I found one here:

The one I made is made to be somewhat fitted on the top with room for a pregnant belly. The other one I made opens in the front (as well as snaps in the back) and fits kind of like a wrap skirt over the top of the belly.


Summer said...

I'd love a tutorial on the nursing dress in the pic. SO cute! All of the tutorials I have found online are very ugly. If you want to email it to me, I can be contacted at:

The Webber's said...

Oh please share!!! I'm seriously struggling for a cute nursing gown tutorial!

Hannan Aslam said...

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