January 21, 2014

the first postcard tuesday!

I'm so excited about this! It's Postcard Tuesday!

From now on, every Tuesday 3 people who comment on the Postcard Tuesday post will get a postcard from Guyana! Who doesn't love getting mail? :)

 It's as easy as this:
1. I ask a question
2. You answer it! (Leave your answer in the comments)

Recipients will be chosen at random. This is the perfect match for anyone who loves getting mail - I love to send mail! 

So, the question of the week: 
What are three things you would never leave behind when packing for a trip? 

I can't wait to hear the answers! 

PS: Only answers submitted on Tuesday by midnight will be entered for Postcards. :)


Unknown said...

Undies. Camera. Toothbrush. That is assuming my family is coming other wise they would be my first choice lol

Anonymous said...

sunscreen, Bible, toothbrush. The kids look adorable!

RF said...

Money, phone, emergency kit
You can buy or make anything you forgot but it can be dangerous right now to leave with out the car kit

Unknown said...

My Bible, my husband and my kids~! :)

Unknown said...

Camera, clothes, money

Robbie said...

My Bible, toothbrush, and my mouthguard. I know sounds kind of wierd but I grind my teeth so bad I wake up with my teeth aching if I don't have it. TMI LOL All my love to you guys. Miss you so much. FYI this is the very first time I have ever blogged. Robbie

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