January 23, 2014

all the things I never knew

1. I never knew I could sweat like a man.

2. Before moving to Guyana, I never knew I could make bread, tortillas, and a plethora of other items I had depended on my local Safeway for in the US.

3. Before moving to Guyana, I never knew I could be as organized as I am in such a small space.

4. It's surprising, things that I thought would be horrible don't even phase me. Bat flying in the house? Eh, he'll leave soon enough. Frogs in the cupboard? Annoying, but whatever. Unidentified insects the size of a small bird? Hey, cool.

5. I'll be honest though, I still scream and jump on the nearest object/person/animal if a cockroach runs at me.

6. Living for months without electricity, internet, and phone? No problem, I just hope my friends and family haven't forgot about me.

Some of the things I thought would be easy aren't easy at all though.

7. Getting into a good, daily homeschool routine, adding a puppy to our family, and spending time outside were all things I thought would be easy and natural. As it turns out, those are all areas I struggle with.

8. I never knew how much I would love and appreciate getting little notes, in my email, on my Facebook, and especially in my actual mailbox. I will never take these bits of love and encouragement for granted. Even if I don't respond to each of them (which I should and I'm working on), each bit means so much to me.

It's certainly been a journey and I'm learning so much about myself, the world, and God.

Would you like to visit Guyana? Why or why not?


Welcome! said...

Ohhhh, my dear, I hear ya regarding the cockroaches! I am still getting over having one crawling in my long hair whilst sleeping one night, and having one crawl up my leg in the shower, and that was ten years ago now!!! Ah, the life of a missionary :-).


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