July 23, 2013


I am running a race.

A few weeks ago my sis-in-law told me she wanted us to run the Spartan Race with her. My first thought, yeah right! Then I went online and started watching the videos. And I kinda wanted to do it. Then I really wanted to do it.

But then I got sick, and I couldn't train. Boo.

So with 2 weeks before the race she needs to know - are we in or out?

The Spartan isn't really about running. Yes, you run, but it's more of an overall strength kinda thing. You crawl up a muddy hill with barbed wire above your head. You climb up walls. You move heavy objects.

I kind of feel like motherhood has prepared me for this moment.


So we agreed and began running and strengthening our muscles. I ran a mile yesterday, did 30 pushups (on a low wall, come on now, I haven't done a push up since high school), 30 sit-ups and 30 jumping jacks.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a tad bit sore.

Ok, maybe a lot bit sore.

For those who don't know, I've had several hip rebuild surgeries, my latest being a total hip replacement. It was a long and hard recovery because of the damage to my hip. I have hip dysplasia and my bones just kinda wear away, and I needed a hip replacement at 20, I waited until 29. By the time my doc got in there, it was unrecognizable as a hip joint. It was pretty bad. The recovery was seemingly endless.

But, here I am. Recovered.

And for the first time in just about my whole life, I'm able to run. Well, "able" is a relative term. Running is not intuitive to me. I can't just hit the road and take off running. I still at times have to go through the steps of how to walk in my brain. Even walking isn't 100% intuitive to me. Running is a new challenge.

Ever since I knew I was getting a new hip it had been my dream to run a marathon. Post surgery I've been advised by every health professional not to take up running. So my goal has gone from marathon, to half-marathon, to a 5K.

Enter the Spartan.

I'm only going to run one race. That's it. Just to be able to say I've run a race. But not just to say it, to do it. So I can know I can do it. If I'm going to run, it might as well be a good run.

So, August 4th I will be at the Spartan Race in Washougal, Washington. Running. I won't be first. I won't even be in the top percentage of finishers. My goal isn't to win. It's to finish. Even if it takes me all day, I'm going to finish. I'm not in the physical shape I wish I was in, but my hip is strong and so is my will. I'm determined. I'm excited. I'm a bit of a dreamer.

This is the year for making dreams come true.


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