July 8, 2013


Here are my top 10 excuses for not blogging:
1. Children
2. Traveling
3. Children
4. I've had a cold
5. Children
6. Laziness
7. Children
8. Traveling
9. Children
10. Children

Actually, there are 11 excuses. My more valid excuse is that I'm using the time I would be blogging to write. I'm writing... I'm writing (this is almost painful for me to admit) - I'm writing a book! Gah! It's something I've always said I want to do someday. And here I am, fulfilling my dream!

I'm going to try to write more on my blog, but in the meantime, know I'm spending good time writing a book I hope you will enjoy someday. :)

Also, I found this last bit of journal from the jungle:

May 16
I am home in Paruima. We brought out a GALLON of ice cream and chocolate sauce. It was such a delight to see everyone's excitement! 

May 22
Me: "What did the bat do when he fell on the ground?"
Millie: "Just sat there."
Me: "For how long?"
Millie: "I don't know. About a half hour."
Me: "What was he doing?"
Millie: "Just sitting there. Hanging out."
Me: "What did he do when he got up?"
Millie: "Just flew around, checking things out."

I haven't journaled since we returned from our last trip to town. Let's see - in the past week we've been doing our thing - teaching our classes, Todd has fixed the tractor again, repaired some buildings, and done some general maintenance things. I now wash all laundry by hand (cloth diapers included. Ew.). We're starting to prepare for our trip back to the States. It's baffling how quickly the time has passed. 

May 27
Salt and toothpaste. The breakfast of champions. Or toddlers who are up before parents. Sigh. 
We have been sick here. Though I am feeling much better today, I am weak from not eating the last 2 days (I tried, I promise. I did nibble on toast and the chicken noodle soup Hubs made). I missed a trip to the beautiful falls that my family went to, along with all the other missionaries here. We will try to go again next weekend. 
Now I have the task of getting the house back in order after 2 days of being in bed. 
Today I begin packing. We are leaving Paruima in 10 days. I think we're all in denial. I can't believe that in 2 weeks from today we'll be in the States again. I can't believe how quickly this trip went, and how much I'm already looking forward to returning. So much has happened in the short 4 months we've been here. I pray our time in the States is short and passes quickly. We hope to be back in Paruima in September for classes. 
Our sloth has visited us again, though he was quick to climb trees this time. :) I love seeing him!

Millie had her first bee sting today. Let the records show that all involved survived, even if only barely. 

May 28
Millie just discovered Sam's spine, so we were talking about it. 
Me: Everybody has a spine.
Millie: Everybody?
Me: Well, all humans. All people have spines.
Millie: Even boys???

Millie to Sam: You're such a clever little boy.
Millie to me: I leaned that from you. 

I would write what Sam says, but mostly it's a lot of dancing around and talking about airplanes, frogs, and tractors. Such a little boy. :) He's currently running in circles naked. 

It is Tuesday and I have been sick since Friday night. I'm officially over the whole being sick thing. Wish my body would get the memo. It's getting old fast. 

May 29
Millie brought me flowers in hopes that they would make me feel better (my first bouquet from her!) last night - and it worked! I was able to get back to my class today and start to regain control over the house (that part is going to take a few days). Sigh.

May 30
I gave my students a test today. It is so discouraging looking at them. My kids are great, they're the cream of the remedial crop - but oh man… teaching - or rather them learning - certainly isn't happening overnight. 

I'm struggling with failing. It seems to be constant. It's wearing me out. I'm getting a little caught up with the if-only's. If only I had more energy. If only my kids could pick up their messes. If only… Sigh. If only I had time to write without children climbing on me…

May 31
Sometimes, every once in a while, about once a month, I feel like a rockstar mom. This afternoon for snack, I made popcorn, served leftover juice, and shared a bit from my cadbury bar. Might not sound impressive, but it certainly rocked with my kids. Now, I would be washing the dishes (they've piled up since breakfast) but we have no water. The husband is up working on something up there, so I'm guessing (hoping) that he's just disconnected something. I found out the water was off after Millie called me up for a wipe. Oops. 


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