June 22, 2012

life in the slow lane

The other day I need to go to Target.

I had decided not to be in a hurry before leaving. So, we went out to get in the car. Millie found a neat rock and stopped to examine it. I let her. Samuel wanted to walk all by himself. He walks at the speed of blind dog with no legs. And usually ends up going in circles. But, we weren't in a hurry. On the freeway, I stayed in the slow lane. The car in front of me was going 2 miles under the speed limit. Cars were going around us. But I meandered.

Once in Target, we browsed. I looked at skirts. Millie wanted to look at balls. Sam just ate everything not nailed down. We stopped to look at things when something sparkly caught Millie's eye. I let Sam walk when he didn't want to ride in the cart anymore. Still we meandered.

 Have you ever tried to slow down? It's hard. I mean, seriously, not even going speed limit? Get a move on, granny. I drive an average speed. Going 5 mph over is just to be expected, right? We gotta get where we gotta be.

My experience slowing down made for an enjoyable trip. We noticed things. We looked at things. We noticed people. We smiled at people. It's fun just to say, "That's ok, we don't have anywhere else to be."

I might drive in the slow lane more often.


Becky said...

Wow. I totally need to do this. I'm always in a rush - especially now that I have an infant who HATES her carseat. Lol! What a great idea.

Adina P said...

I laughed out loud at blind dog with no legs...heeheee. I try to do this now and then...I probably should make a slow trip when I don't need a trip because otherwise I really am constrained for time. Naps, meals, appointments...impossible sometimes to be okay with being slooowww. But I try. I let N climb into her car seat at her pace, often, not always. My poor children are going to rebel by moving to south america where there is no time.

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