June 6, 2012

june interview

I'm a little early this month, but we are about to get really busy.

June 6, 2012
• What is something mommy always says to you? Nothing. Hey Nothing!
• What makes you happy? A bug!
• What makes you sad? Jesus!
• What makes you laugh? Jesus
• How old are you? 2 1/2
• How old is Mommy? 2 1/2
• How old is Daddy? 2 1/2
• What is your favorite thing to do? Play with beads and put them away when I'm all done with them.
• Who is your best friend? Carson and Aleah.
• What do you want to be when you grow up? Nobody.
• What are you really good at? Cleaning up
• What is your favorite food? Animals. I like to eat Animals. Kiddies and doggies.
• What is your favorite song? Animals.
• What do you want for your birthday this year? A birthday cake!
• What is your favorite animal? Kiddies and doggies, that's my favorite thing to do!
• What is love? This (gives mama a snuggle and a kiss)
• What does mommy/daddy do for work? Eat his lunch
• Where is your favorite place to go? Kid Time with Brooklyn and Sydney. They are special and they love me. 

She is such a little ham. For the record, we are vegetarian and do not eat pets or any other kind of animal.

Today I also did another experiment - I asked Millie to tell me a story while I typed it. This needs a little disclaimer. First, we are not morbid. Honestly. We do not talk about death very often. Second, I don't know what's with the bug obsession... Here is the first ever written masterpiece:

Millie's story: 
Sometimes bugs take me under ground and they put me in a box and put me in the ground. Then I die.

Then Jesus comes and says, "hey, let's wake up and come out of the ground."
Then he takes me out of the box to see if I died.

Jesus gives me snuggles and he gives me tickles, cause I'm alive. If I was alive I would not be a girl anymore, I would be a mama. 

Jesus takes me to the park. There's slides and swings and everything there. Jesus plays with me when I'm going on the slide. It's a new park that Isabelle is living in. Isabelle is living in a park house. Her sisters are all gone. It's under ground. Grandma and Grandpa are there, they are playing with Isabelle. 

We go home.  Jesus comes home with me.  (Hold on, let me think about it. I'm thinking about it.) Cause there's bug there and they can bite me. Jesus puts me in time out. Then I come out of time out and I say, "Jesus, can I come out of time out?" and he says, "no, you stay in time out" because I wasn't listening to him. I had time out at the park. Cause it was late late late, it was time to get dark. We drive and drive and drive for a long long time. Then we got home, Jesus is at my house, I play with him. 

Jesus gives me sugar. A purple sugar. It's a candy. I have a whole bag of candy at my house with Jesus. 

Upstairs and take a nap. I take a nap with Jesus. I go to nap with Jesus in his bed. It's in a crib. He's little. But he's bigger than me. He's 2 and a half. 

I die again underground. Nothing happens. Bugs bite me and they squish me underground. Some bugs don't bite me and some bugs do bite me. Birds come along and eat them and eat them. Then I die again and go underground. 

What does it mean to die? That means Papa and Grandpa and Grandpa are underground. It means you go underground. 

Hehehe. Little goose. 
Everyday is an adventure with a toddler, let me tell you. 


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