October 25, 2011

make it monday: milk

I have not made anything in over a month, I'll be honest.

Between all the recovery, nausea, issues, etc. I've had over the last 5 weeks, I just plum haven't had the time or energy. I thought about abandoning my blog altogether, cause I'm not sure there's anyone actually reading it anymore, but... I'm still on a journey and that's what this blog is about - my journey as a sahm to my dear Millie and Sam (who is 4 months already!).

Today my journey will take another turn - the concept is called "re-lactation" on kellymom.com. I'm going to try to get my milk back.

The process is simple - in theory. I'm going to be taking a medication to get it jump started, some supplements, and I'm going to be pumping often - and lots of skin-to-skin contact. Once I've got the milk coming, the task of teaching Sam to nurse again will begin. I am not a fast-flow bottle. This, I believe, will be the biggest challenge (as long as my milk does come back in).

Step one: get prescription meds - check
Step two: get out supplements - check
Step three: get pump out - check
Step 4: start meds and supplements - check
Step 5: begin pumping - starting today!


Becky said...

Cas, I'm proud of you for trying this. Good luck...

Kelli Jean said...

just so you know, I'm still reading. Praying that the milk starts flowing like in the promised land :)

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