July 26, 2015

check, check and check

So I wrote a book.

Remember? THE book?

It's OK if you don't know about THE book. Because actually, it's not a book.


It's still a file on my computer. On my computer but also now thanks to the interwebs it's also now on another email. Somewhere in an office, someone will sit down to a computer tomorrow, open up incoming emails, and see it.

Query sent [check]
First chapters submitted [check]
Wait nervously and impatiently [check]
Feel nauseous at the thought of people reading it [check]

Have you ever written a book? It's a weird experience. I'm both super proud and super embarrassed. What if people read it? What if they don't? What will people say when they know my inner secret thoughts? What if the editor hates it? What if they love it? What if I don't live up to people's expectations? What if I don't live up to my own expectations?


Before I work myself into a frenzy, (which for the record, I excel at) I'd like to stop and just say thank you. I've had a lot of support throughout this process. My husband - bless that man - has been amazing. The night I submitted the thing to the publisher he stayed up with me, imagining with me what it would be like to see my book in a store. What it would be like to sign someone's book. What a guy. I'm so blessed. So grateful.

Friends, you've been great. Thank you.

For supporting me. For dreaming with me. For encouraging me.

Even if it's never published, even if no one ever reads it, even if I delete the file and pretend it never happened (let's be honest. I deleted my son's baby pictures), it's fun to cross a Big Thing off my bucket list!

I wrote a book!

I would like to somehow put the first chapter online for people to download, but, well, I can't even get Google Analytics to work. Stay tuned. Maybe some tekkie will have mercy on me and help a girl out.

Thanks again friends!


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