November 2, 2014

little update

Hello, world.

Furlough is over. Todd preached 12 sermons, we went to 2 camp meetings, and Todd spent a week in Michigan attending our organization’s pilot meetings. It was a very busy summer!

Visiting Nana in Colorado

At Fort Vasquez in Colorado 

 Learning about the Pony Express in Nebraska

Millie and Sam are currently outside with Papa helping him rake leaves. It’s a precious sight.

We are in a cozy little house nestled in the gentle hills of southern Tennessee. Fall is all around us and I’ve never experienced a more beautiful season change. I hope the children remember these moments, outside squealing in the leaves.

In case you missed that last bit, we’re in Tennessee. No, there’s not a village called Tennessee in Guyana. We’re back in the US for a bit longer. We came out here to work on a plane that Todd was planning to fly to Guyana when it was rebuilt. He is working on the plane, but we’re still praying about whether or not this is the right plane for us to take to Guyana. A door might be opening for us to purchase the aircraft we wanted (a Cessna 182-P, this plane is a Cessna 180).
 The torn apart Cessna 180

Todd has to inspect every inch of the plane before he can start assembling it 

 But at least he has good help

Captain Anderson and the 180

Meanwhile, we’re in Tennessee.

When we moved to Guyana I gave away all my winter clothes to a mom in the area (Southern Oregon) who’s house had burned down. After all, why would I need a coat in Guyana? The kids outgrew their winter clothes and have been replaced with shorts and t-shirts. Here we are almost 2 years later, buying winter coats again. I’m becoming acquainted with all the thrift stores in the area.

Tennessee is a lovely, beautiful place. I’m happy to be able to experience Fall here. I’m blessed to have a nice, warm home here. I’m even blessed to be able to meet extended family here!

Our dining room/school room 

The kitchen 

The front room

We ask for your continued prayers, that the airplane business would sort itself out quickly and that our time here in Tennessee would be well spent. That is our prayer.



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