February 4, 2014

postcard tuesday

Hello and welcome to Postcard Tuesday!

If you've never participated before, you're in luck, it's easy! If you have - you know the drill!

What happens:
1. I ask a question
2. You answer the question (leave your answer in a comment)
3. Three randomly selected persons get postcards from Guyana

See, what'd I tell you  - easy!

Question of the week:
List your 3 favorite no-cost family activities.



Welcome! said...

Hi Cas :-)

We would love a postcard from you! In fact, I'd love for our kids to be pen pals - do you think Millie would like that?

Can I answer, even though I'm late? Our favourite three things is: to go to the beach with buckets and spades and dig for hours, to go on a bush walk and collect all sorts of natural 'treasures', and to do any type of craft together at home, mostly drawing, cutting, and pasting or sticking with sticky tape. We go through a lot of sticky tape here!

I'm not on fb any more (at least not for the moment), but the upside is I have more time to read blogs like yours, and I'd like to start writing to friends again, the old-fashioned way! I think your postcard Tuesday is a wonderful idea!

God's blessings upon you all,

xxx Leanne Pritchard

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