August 9, 2013

dance, little one

My Dearest Millie,

Life is very short. I have you for an such a small amount of time and then you will be spreading your own wings. My heart hurts tonight. What a wretched world we live in. If I could make a world for you, it would be so lovely. We would swim instead of drive, eat yogurt for every meal, and you would have a whole closet full of sparkly tutus. You would dance instead of walk. You would dance whenever your heart needed to let of your sometimes explosive energy. If I could make this world safe for you, you would never have to wait for me to catch up to you so you can cross the street holding my hand. You would be able to take nature walks to explore all that your heart wishes -- at your own pace. 

Oh dear one. There is so much hurt in our world. So much anger and spite. So much evil. If I could protect you from it you would never know the injustice of having something taken from you. You would never know the violation of someone breaking in and rummaging through your earthly treasures. You would never know heart break, or pain, or fear, if only I could protect you. 

Take heart, small one. Someday all I hope to shield you from will, in one way or another cause you to want to stop dancing. You will learn that trust can shatter and your heart is more fragile than fine China. People won't only disappoint you, they will wound you to the core of your soul. But take heart, my love.

This world is not only a place of nightmares. Our world, ugly as it can be, is a stage for the most beautiful ballet. Just when it seems all hope really is gone forever, remember the beauty of what lies inside your heart in that one little chamber no human can reach. That place that Jesus claims as His own inside you. When you throw your arms out, dizzy from spinning, remember His arms. 

Once nailed to a piece of timber, His arms are still open wide. Ready to embrace. Ready to take the lead. This is what will prepare you to dance in Heaven. Learn to follow Him through the forest of trials and soon, sweet one, you will follow Him home. 

Love you forever and always,


Kelli Jean said...

this is beautiful, Cas

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