February 1, 2013

our first task

The task for our first day in Georgetown (after a lovely night's sleep) was to see what is available here. We were told to bring as much food as we can, as there is such a limited selection here, and even less selection in the teeny jungle "shop" in Paruima. So Clifton took us around the shopping district to give us a tour of what is available.

The store with the largest selection is "Bounty." At Bounty we bough the only free and clear laundry soap in town (Purex brand, $7.50, for our cloth diapers), though we found other tempting things. I walked around with a note pad writing down prices. I found a bag of Christmas Reece's peanut butter cups for over $10. Soymilk is $5 per small carton, Huggies are about $30 for a smaller sized pack, and Cheerios were $6 for a regular sized box (I found them in another store for $4 and bought them for Samuel). Of course these amounts are converted prices. I actually paid $1,470 for the laundry soap, $250 for popcorn, and $27,500 for a package of local disposables to use until we go out to Paruima.

There aren't as many "weird" or different things in the store as I expected to see. Nothing like ube ice cream (purple yam ice cream) or skin-whitening soap. Everything was pretty normal, just higher priced.   We will go back to the shops on Sunday to actually do our shopping now that we know what all is available. We'll have to shop for a few weeks, then we'll have our supplies brought out to us when they have room on the plane on the usually weekly supply flights.

We got home tonight after supper and worship at flight base to Mille's first ever cockroach. She "awwwed" at him for a few minutes, then the thing decided to get outta dodge. Quickly. Poor Millie didn't know what to think when she saw the thing move - fast than she can. She had to tell Papa right away about this funny bug. Not excited about this part of living here.

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