November 8, 2011

make it monday: gifts

WIth Christmas just around the corner my thoughts have turned to gifts. I aspire to have a homemade Christmas, but well... I have 2 babies and a mending hip [read: no time for crafting]. So in my "free hours," the time before my children are awake, while they nap, and after they go to sleep [read: when I can be kid free] - I am slowly working on gifts.

Gifts are my absolute favorite thing to make. Here are some links of great sites to help you come up with ideas:
Everything Etsy
Christmas Your Way

I have some lists started myself, they might give you some ideas:
Books (make your own or make a Shutterfly photo book)
Crayon rolls
Play kitchen apron/oven mitt/etc
Felt food
Art apron
Taggy blankies

Photos (framed or printed on canvas)
Apron/oven mitts/etc
Cloth coasters

And tune in next Monday for how to make awesome gifts for grandparents from the kids. :)


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